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Fraudulent Buyer

Hello everyone!.
I got a message from a buyer a few days ago. His account is a top buyer account with 5-star ratings from 3 or 4 buyers. He seemed to be a good man. And he first told me that he has a system that he likes to host on Microsoft Azure (I’m a solution architect). So he wanted me to prepare a “best practices” document. He sent me a simple diagram of his system (which is really a hypothetical diagram, because he didn’t even know anything about how it works).

He bought the basic package of my gig. So I started to work on the project and then I submitted it. Then he started to say that what I have done is wrong, that I don’t even know what I’m doing. :smiley: .

He gradually started asking for the things in the standard package for free. He wanted me to work for free. I thought “hmm… we’ll see”… He then told me to design a BCDR strategy (yup… for $25)… But when I asked him about his RTO and RPO … He told me to “assume” it :laughing: . How on earth someone can design a BCDR based on assumptions ?. When I asked him about the traffic flow between his systems (They seemed to be custom applications and I’ve never heard of them.), He told me to “assume” them too.

Now this became really frustrating, he didn’t give me the information I need and I rejected doing anything in the standard package of my gig. But he had my document and the diagram I prepared. He then asked to cancel the order. I rejected that too. Then he left me a 1star rating with a very bad review saying I don’t know what I do.

Then later he messaged me from 2 other accounts from different countries than the first account. Same choice of words , same requirements. Then he actually told me that he’s preparing for an interview :laughing: :laughing: . I rejected those 2 orders too.

Fiverr team said they cannot remove the rating because it doesn’t meet the criteria in their removal policy

What do you suggest me to do ?.

Thank you.

You just block the buyer and move on. It’s sad to hear you had to deal with such a client. But I’m a bit confused about how he has more than one accounts because that’s not even allowed.

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Me too… might be using a VPN service ?.

You could also reply to the review giving your side of the story if that option is available.


I was thinking about it too. Do you think I’d get clients in the future ?. He’s written a very bad review saying I don’t know what I do :frowning:

Yes you should do. You could just politely explain your side of what happened in the public reply to the review if you can.

The trouble is you won’t currently be able to send offers in the buyer request section because of it I think and it might affect search ranking.

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I have never heard of a VPN hack for Fiverr account, but even if someone succeeds to have the hacks, they will surely get caught one day and end up in a ban.

You should not be afraid of a bad review. Even if your future clients have a look at such a review, they could read your opinion as well. Just remember to respond professionally.

I also once had a low rated review, which affected my overall ratings and it’s still on the top of other reviews on my gig as it was the most recent.


Exactly, Now my gig isn’t getting listen I think. Also I cannot send any buyer requests.

You already posted the same topic (except that this time you didn’t violate the forum rules): Fraudulent top buyer account


I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through something like this too. I reported those 2 accounts to the fiverr customer support.

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Yep. Noted