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Fraudulent Gig Claims

I agree. It is absolutely insane, and I am sad for the buyers who fall for it.

Also, it is against the Community Standards to offer such promises, so you can report them. However, in my experience, Fiverr rarely does anything when gigs such as these are reported. :disappointed:

There are even people promising that you will get a Shopify store earning 7 figures.


Uh… it is time to do some forum digging:

I guess because you just opened your eyes recently because this has been happening from day two. Day one Shopify website was live and on day two we had Fiverr gigs on how they guarantee millions. Plus that TED girl on YT is really helping that “industry” blossom.


Yup. Just as @donnovan86 touched on…

In fact, of the millions of Sellers here on Fiverr, a fair percentage of them DO NOT possess the actual skills they claim to have in their profiles.

What can you do about it?

Not much.

It’s truly a case of “buyer beware” and sadly, these non-skilled sellers give the rest of us professionals a bad rep as a result.

I just concentrate on doing the best I can for my Buyers.

It seems to work.


I think you might be missing the point of my post, i am well aware that people mislead their gigs/services on marketplaces. I have only been a seller on this platform for one year but my concern is that page one search results are now showing these types of gigs more frequently. These sellers are being rewarded by the system and it would not take much to prevent this happening.


Why would they prevent people from giving money to Fiverr for nothing?

If Fiverr goal was to have only honest sellers it would crash and burn long time ago.


Many things.

  1. Automatic gig flagging for misleading content in titles, the same happened when i once wrote about my Fiverr’s Choice my gig got declined because this is not allowed as badges change.

  2. It took me 10 seconds to notice these on page one search terms, I do not know how Fiverr utilises its own safety/review process but this could easily be factored in. I understand some gigs are subtle in their misleading claims but a $5 gig offering to make $840,000 in one year is unbelievably noticeable, its almost funny.


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Because it is against the law and I assume it creates more issues in regards to chargebacks / damage to the platform.

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I am 6+ years expert in reporting misleading Gigs and I am good at it. :joy:

That’s how I can be beneficial in housekeeping here.


Okay, so YOU can do something.

I prefer to focus on what I can do for the Buyers I get.

What games others choose to play is their business.

But I get where you are on this.

Happy flagging.

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We can only hope threads like this get attention and who knows, maybe positive change will come.


For sure.

But when you consider how much money Fiverr makes off of ALL Sellers here, don’t expect anything grand.

I think there should be a probation period for new Sellers.

I wrote about that in another thread some time ago.

It met with much positive response but I’m just a Seller trying to eek out a living as a freelancer, so what do I know?

Plus, Fiverr is far from my primary source of income, so it really doesn’t matter to me how the system works as I still get enough work here to add to my normal freelance work.

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:smiley: ? How is it against the law to say:

“I will make you Shopify store that has potential to make 1 milibilitriligazilion yens in 1 month”

Then all the Zumba Samba Taebo Keto Shaun T P90X should also be in prison for claiming that if I follow their program I could potentially lose weight (if i follow strict diet during program)

Like Coca cola with zero callories.

Like a healthy McDonalds meal.

Like Iphone 13 that has 0,1% improvements but 69% higher price.

Selling is easy.

You can sell whatever, however. If a buyer wants to buy… let’s say; used bath water…

But back to your Shopify thingy. Fiverr promotes them because they bring cash.

If let’s say they have 20 cashbacks from 100 - win - win.

Selling subscribers is illegal, est dedans?

Comment expliquez-vous les concerts de cette catégorie alors, tous?

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Because it is false advertising and is against the law… Each country will have their own versions but in the UK it falls under “Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008” or “consumer rights act 2015”.

The gig clearly states a guaranteed return on investment with a listed figure not “potentially” not “maybe” not “could do if you follow our tips”…there is a big difference here.

The reason Zumba Samba Taebo Keto Shaun T P90X are not in prison is because they are not falsely advertising, if you follow is the caveat.

Your examples do not make sense because they are not blatantly misleading customers vs the example i have highlighted.

Fiverr does want illegal or scam cashcows, as a publicly listed company this is not good and i highly doubt they want to operate that way, if that was the case they would sell anything. Fiverr is against this because it breaks laws as i mentioned, i just think they might not be able to remove these gigs as fast as some accounts are created.


Yes and no. It depends… grey area.

I just checked and some gigs with the bombastic titles are selling for over a year. And most of the new ones (January 2021) are the result of the topic My Story: $100,000 earned in my first year of being a seller

I told you on that topic already, people with 100000$ earned in a year can retire for the rest of their life. That is a lifetime’s worth of money. You do not have to work a day forever in your life with 100000 on your bank account.

I mean if I did not have an account on Fiverr after reading this topic I would make it and start selling Shopify things… do not know what they are or what it is but there is outsourcing. :smiley: LOL :smiley:

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It seems you keep missing my thread entirely and making new obscured points that are totally off topic…This is not about the influx of new sellers, this is about an increase in falsely advertised/scam gig titles that are actively trending on page 1. Being encouraged by a thread about selling on Fiverr and starting your own gig is very different to creating a gig that is created with scamming people by selling false claims.

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The seller that offers 90k guaranteed has 8 5* reviews, from 2016 on-site, started working 14 days ago. But some are new sellers trending on page one. I found a couple of new sellers (even 2021) on page one with similar GIG titles but they state in the description income is variable so that clears them out.

What if they actually have a method to offer 90k guaranteed? ;D

Maybe you should write this down with evidence and links to selected GIGs to CS.

Nothing more can be done on the forum.

Because it is not logical and is evidently a misleading / untruthful statement… I highly doubt there is anyone in the world who can legitimately guarantee a fixed monetary return on an investment and if anyone does, you can bet they will have disclaimers to avoid the legal issues i have listed previously.

Best thing is to copy paste your first post and send it to CS and notify us about their answer here.

Customer services have already been informed of this, this thread is aimed at the community and gathering attention to the issue.

What did they say? “Thank you for informing us, have a nice day.” or something more substantial?