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Fraudulent Profiles?


My first experiences at Fiverr have not been good.

I see one profile after another showing a beautiful woman, fluent in English, with an Anglo-American name, that lives in The United States, and has EXCELLENT reviews.

But when I get the work delivered, the sentences don’t make any sense. Strange words are used…words that are never used when speaking English - and rarely if ever in written English.

It’s almost as if they are copying something already written then replacing words with a Thesaurus so that it doesn’t trigger the plagiarism checks.

I’m very disappointed so far. I hope it gets better than this…


Please report this immediately! There are plenty of hard-working Sellers on Fiverr who would appreciate you doing so.

This pretending to be American is being done on the Buyer side too. I’ve been receiving messages from Buyers who say they’re from the US, but their English is straight out of Google translate. And if we do business with them we often get burned.


No disrespect to any genuine beautiful female sellers out there but OP, if you are having such difficulties with them, why not try out an ugly old male seller? It is probable that they are using their own photo.
Please note: Anyone who suggests that this is self promotion will be glared at - I am not old…
(I am also not taking writing orders at the moment)


Or ugly

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I got your point. You may have missed mine. Your point is made quite often on the Forum by people who have had similar experiences. My response above was a variation on my usual response which is basically that you as a buyer need to do some due diligence when looking for a seller. Due diligence goes beyond seeing a nice profile picture. Instead of going for the same type of sellers all the time, perhaps try others. Perhaps send them a quick message. If their work is poor quality/you think it is copy and pasted then say so - request a revision. Still unhappy with the result? Leave an appropriate review.


We are not rude to one another on this forum.
Please refrain from insulting people.


Please refrain from name calling. Eoin is not an employee of Fiverr. He is not responsible for Fiverr. He is not paid by Fiverr. A moderator is just a seller like anyone else here. He has every right to express his viewpoint, whether you like it or not.


I saw an indian seller with a photo of Victoria Justice as his profile picture. I don’t know why guys do that it’s irritating and misleading.


Your account states you have registered in August 2016.
Not sure if 4 months and some change is considered “Long-term”.

Not hating or making a snarky comment, just stating out the obvious here.

Sorry to see you go, hope you can find better value deals elsewhere on the interwebs for all your outsourcing needs.


(I was compensated by the Customer Prevention Plan Team by gummy bears for the above statement)


Maybe when this person:


Maybe it’s just a man trapped in a woman’s body or that type of thing. They’re just rediscovering themselves and living out their true self. :joy:


In response to the now hidden comment.
Sorry you feel my comment was snarky, it actually wasn’t intended to be. My initial comment made a valid point albeit with humor. My second comment expanded that point and was made based on what was said in the OP.

If at any time anyone feels a Mod posts something inappropriate or unfair then it can be flagged just like any other post. Another Mod(s) will then decide on whether action is necessary. You are also free to contact customer support if you feel it is warranted. Mods are simply Forum users who are tasked with some responsibility on the Forum, nothing more.


There was nothing wrong with your comments nor were they snarky.


You know, that’s one reason I am scared of writing anything on this forum. I think twice or thrice before writing anything, every single word. This new policy of involving customer support in forum activities is dangerous.


I like your point.
@prosonicstudios First inform Fiverr about such sellers and then try some new sellers.


It’s very important to always discuss with your seller before buying their gigs, that way you will know their level of understanding concerning the service you want and then you estimate the result you are going to get.


As far as I know, that is not a new policy and I think it is justified. Considering that Mods can only “control” the Forum it is necessary to have oversight available if necessary. I don’t remember ever seeing a post or comment here that IMO was a CS issue though.


Yes its very true to communicate with the buyers first.
I have one thing to say, if such sellers don’t produce good work, then how do they get good reviews. If something is really happening, then there would be refunds with bad reviews. Buyers do understand this. I think this has happened with you only.


Am a full time seller on fiverr, what I just mentioned is what buyers can do and about that review, some people do buy reviews :grin:


One of the best comment ever :slight_smile: