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Fraudulent Sale?

I recently ordered a “Unique 3d Logo design” for my business. When the seller sent the initial concepts. I discovered them all to be replicas from a stock logo website. When I asked the seller she denied it. After confronting her about it she cancelled the order on the basis of “not able to complete”

To me this is fraudulent activity. Selling someone else’s work, with maybe some slight modifications.

Is there a way to report this? Does Fiverr care? What should I do? I did get a refund however I think something should be done to protect future buyers.

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Yes it is.

Yes they do. Yes there is a way. You can open a ticket with CS or you can report her profile with a report button in top right corner attaching images that she delivered to you and where they were taken from

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Thank you! I’m new to the app and couldn’t find my way.

Yes report that!

Sorry for the bad experience though. Its sellers like those who give a bad rep for other honest sellers out there.