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Fraudulent seller - money stolen


I believe I’ve been set up. Ordered a gig for over $300 since end of May! The deadline passed and The seller at first came back with various reasons why it hasn’t been delivered and asked me to be patient. I trusted the seller was genuine so I waited a few more weeks. Since then “she” has been coming back with excuse after excuse. Many of these excuses are becoming more and more unbelievable and now the seller is non responsive. I believe the seller is fraudulent

The gig won’t seem to let me cancel. Very hard to get email for customer service!!

I can’t afford to lose all that money!! What do u do?? Please help!!

Also the seller said the gig was almost 100% complete but still hasn’t submitted it. That’s why I feel she is lying.

You’ll have to go to Customer Support. You never want to let a seller run later than a couple of weeks unless there is a modification request on it.

I can’t be sure but it sounds like the seller sent you an empty delivery and said the real one was almost done. If that’s true, the gig would have appeared complete to Fiverr after 3 days which also makes it impossible to cancel after too much time has passed. Try sending a ticket to Customer Support and see if they will refund you.