Fraudulent Seller Trick


Seller marked order as delivered when it was only approximately 40% complete. Seller then asked me not to cancel because he will look bad, but that he will complete everything 100%. Seller completed to about 60%. By that time several days have elapsed and Fiverr thinking that job is complete, release money to the Seller. Seems like a premeditated fraud by Seller. I am prepared to pay 60% of the agreed price and or the order cancelled.

Let’s see what Fiverr does about this to help me.


The seller tricked you. What he did is illegal and against terms of service.

You should have immediately requested revision to stop the order from auto complete.

Report him to CS and see what happens.


You will have to contact support about the issue and they will be able to help you in this case.


Go here, then :“Order Support” you can fill in the details there.
Alternatively you can also go to “trust & Safety” and report them there to!

Don’t worry it will get taken care of, Fiverr usually supports the buyers, especially in a case like this.