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Fraudulent seller

I just bought a service that provide Stripe acccount for 100$ before I placed the order, I contacted the seller to confirm that the account will not be closed or blocked after a period and he confirm that will not happend
And after 4 days my stripe account has been blocked !
After the delivery was done, he bother me to leave a good review and I did, so now I can’t explane what happend to avoid those who want to buy this unfortunate service after me
I have been defrauded.
Can the technical support team help me? I feel angry as I tried to contact the seller and he blocked me without answering



This isn’t fraud. Stripe is protecting itself because you used it inappropriately. You can’t get someone else to create and run your account. Naturally Stripe is going to think you’re running a fraud.

Also, Fiverr doesn’t allow you to break the ToS of other companies.

Don’t blame sellers when you ask them to help you do things that breach ToS of all parties.

Read the ToS of services you use.


Well, how do they put and accept a service like this if it is not in accordance with the laws?

Knowing that I was not sure that I could activate the account from my country and I asked him and assured me that there is no problem

The service is new and there are 8 reviews and they are all positive as what happened to me, is this not considered a fraud !

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Because there are dozens of thousands of sellers here and Fiverr can’t vet them all.

You don’t get a free pass to break the ToS just because a seller is doing it.

And why would Stripe allow people to do this? That is how people commit fraud and theft. Read their ToS. It’s not an appropriate thing to get a Fiverr seller to do. You could also enable them to steal from you by doing that.

Think about it. You would have to give this person access to Stripe and your bank information, birthday and other highly sensitive information. Not smart.


Stripe has a very clear list of countries they work with. If your country isn’t on that list, you can’t have a Stripe account. Not legally, anyway.

Fiverr doesn’t check new gigs before they’re published. There are thousands of them every day.

You can report that seller to Customer Support, for offering a service that isn’t allowed. The trouble with that is that your account could also get banned, for trying to get something illegally.


Technical support returned my money and closed the seller’s account immediately :+1::+1: