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Fraudulent Sellers ... Why are they allowed to be on the site?


I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I search the various categories just to see what is out there and who’s doing what. I just want to keep up with the latest talent and if there’s anything available that either I or my close business associates need, I’ll either shoot them an email or will contact the seller to start up a little conversation.

Well, today, I was checking my email and noticed an email from fiverr regarding Suggested Gigs… Unlike the previous email, I opened this one and checked out a few suggested gigs. One in particular was a Press Release gig where the offer was for a max of 400 words, thus forcing the buyer to have to buy additional gigs to get a complete PR… Now, I can understand that… kind of… but when the Seller stated that he could submit the PR to specific websites, that’s when I froze… A few of the site’s he was offering to submit PR to do not manually update their site’s with PRs. Instead, crawlers go out over the internet and returns with content, including PR.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this on fiverr. Buyers offering services that they either know they can’t deliver or are suggesting they can deliver just for the heck of it because they don’t think people will check and or cross check them on it.

This has got to stop!!! Seriously! It’s becoming just about bad if not worse than craigslist with non-sense sellers trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes.


If you come across fraudulent sellers, please be sure to report them to our support team.