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Fraudulent top buyer account

Hello everyone!.
I got a message from a buyer a few days ago. His account is a top buyer account with 5-star ratings from 3 or 4 buyers. He seemed to be a good man. And he first told me that he has a system that he likes to host on Microsoft Azure (I’m a solution architect). So he wanted me to prepare a “best practices” document. He sent me a simple diagram of his system (which is really a hypothetical diagram, because he didn’t even know anything about how it works).

He bought the basic package of my gig. So I started to work on the project and then I submitted it. Then he started to say that what I have done is wrong, that I don’t even know what I’m doing. :smiley: .

He gradually started asking for the things in the standard package for free. He wanted me to work for free. I thought “hmm… we’ll see”… He then told me to design a BCDR strategy (yup… for $25)… But when I asked him about his RTO and RPO … He told me to “assume” it :laughing: . How on earth someone can design a BCDR based on assumptions ?. When I asked him about the traffic flow between his systems (They seemed to be custom applications and I’ve never heard of them.), He told me to “assume” them too.

Now this became really frustrating, he didn’t give me the information I need and I rejected doing anything in the standard package of my gig. But he had my document and the diagram I prepared. He then asked to cancel the order. I rejected that too. Then he left me a 1star rating with a very bad review saying I don’t know what I do.

Then later he messaged me from 2 other accounts from different countries than the first account. Same choice of words , same requirements. Then he actually told me that he’s preparing for an interview :laughing: :laughing: . I rejected those 2 orders too.

Guess what … that buyer was an *********** one. All the *********** buyers I’ve met are CHEAP!!.
So beware when you accept and order from an *********** buyer.

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