[Free 50 Offer] I offer Full on page SEO FREE to anyone [50] who collect my gigs


Hello 5rr’s!! ~O)

Kouklissa here!

I offer Full SEO Study to anyone [ONLY 50 copy available] on FIVERR just for free

You need to collect my gigs to be illegible and send me your link as message [NOT here!!]


I will send you FULL SEO STUDY for your URL(site/blog) in PDF

Please NO redirecting URLs, as if I can’t load on them , I can’t study them!!

No site? you can use it as bonus for your client :(|)

Please remember NO MAILS, No contact outside Fiverr. Strict with Fiverr TOS !!



Hi. I an in, ok? My site is FRAGGLESROCK

I have a new gig that I dance to “Harlem Shake” (very HOT atm)


Could u pls collect and share my gig for more exposure? Thanks!

Tu Michael

Sheriff’s note: Your link was removed as it does not meet the submission guidelines at this time. Thank You


Please collect my gig,let me know once you did & i will do the same for yours as well .Here’s my gig link- http://fiverr.com/shifat27/create-100-high-pr-authoritative-edu-and-gov-wiki-contextual-links - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/39567#Comment_39567



Would appreciate some love for my gigs mentioned above.


Collected…now give it for me…


Hello Guys. Sorry for being late!!

I tough it was clear that you send me your site to my inbox. to be sure I see it.

OK will deliver your FULL SEO Study soon…

Thank you again!!


Reply to @dins_cool:

Hello, Thank you for your reply.

Please send me your site URL to my inbox. I will send you PDF with the SEO Study of your site

Thank you!


Mission accomplished - Thanks in advance - John :ar!


Reply to @magellon: Hello John! Mission accomplished also! :wink:


I’m Done ^^

http://fiverr.com/yassiirsec Please CLLCT Mine Op^p


Yassir Chokran!! I did collected your gigs also


similar gig


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