Free commercial voice over limited time!


Are you looking for an American English speaking voice talent who knows the voice over process and audio mastering? Someone who is an expert at audio engineering working in a professional environment? If yes, we should talk. I’d love the opportunity to see whether or not you are a good fit for the type of work I provide. I create and master each audio file with the highest fidelity to achieve the greatest sound quality.

FREE COMMERCIAL RIGHTS PROMO: All orders include free commercial usage rights!
I can provide you with an American English voice in just about every accent you will find in the U.S.
What you get for $5:
150 word voice over
.mp3 audio file
commercial usage rights
delivery in 24 hours or less!

Explainer videos
TV commercials
Radio commercials
Genuine reviews for your business/product
Podcast Intros/Outros
TV Radio Commercial
YouTube Video
Smartphone Apps
NEW CLIENT PROMO: New clients can add 50 words extra to their first order. Mention this deal!


Just a quick heads up, fiverr frowns upon free work. Back when there was a recent mass shooting in the news, I messaged customer support asking if I could offer free services to relief agencies.They responded that while it was a nice gesture that fiverr if not for free work. You may not want to run afoul of the TOS.

Good luck


From what I read, he means he’s giving commercial rights free, not the VO. (Pay for VO, get commercial rights free… promotion).

I may be missing something.

Anybody who doesn’t explicitly charge for commercial rights is giving it away free. I did that at first… (Not anymore…)


Good profile…