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Hey there Darren is here I’m a creative graphic designer and illustrator I was reading one of the fiverr’s article and get inspired to help others here. I have a huge experience in graphic design and skilled for any design project, I would like to help new and amateur sellers, I like to become a free consultant in graphic design, advising them and showing how to design, brainstorming with them discussing their designs and teaching how to improve their skills, to all graphic design sellers please feel free to contact with me in this forum, I will teach in everything I know, thank you




Hey upload your logos, artworks and etc so I can improve them for you.


Reply to @darrendesign: Simply outstanding :slight_smile:

I would like learn a bit on logo designing :slight_smile:

hope you can help.


Reply to @shinuikha8: Hi Shinuikha, thank you for your interest in graphic design please ask me anything you like to know about logo design process.




Hi Darren

I have problem with choosing text in graphic design

how can i improve it ?




Hi parsdes this is really very important thing in graphic design, how you know there is a serif fonts sans-serif fonts and hand drawn decorative or calligraphic fonts, there is a lot of choice but you need to remember basic rules that with fonts you give emotions, I will not write about antic fonts and development process will give just tips try to not use decorative fonts because in generally they are not professional try to use more sans serif fonts for logos or advert titles use serif fonts for the large text, try to not use more than 2 font family in the same design use their options(bold, italic, thin) try to not merge 2 different fonts like decorative with serif it will not looks professional in 99% of try always kern fonts, try to use 2 or 3 font sizes not more, and the most important thing is to choose font which has a same lines or same weight with the illustration you use with for example is your illustration has strong geometric lines use font with strong geometric lines, if your illustration has curve lines not symmetric use decorative font to match the artwork always check the white spaces the white spaces of font type and artwork you use need to be identical, every font has it’s own history you can stylize also but not make it to similar always keep balance visit there is many inspirational font and remember always compare fonts read about history of font you are using in your design and watch many fonts and you will get you can easily choose right fonts, thank you for your awesome question.



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