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Aren’t you tired of trying method after method to make more sales online and being scammed? I mean, why is that it has to be so difficult? Why your online business simply can’t make more sales?

Let me tell you something, this is simply because you don’t know something. Trust me, I used to be on the same place you are right now, and I know how it feels. It is not comfortable at all and the worst of everything is not being able to find real and trustworthy advice that truly helps you to be more successful.

Let me tell you something, let’s stop the pain once and for all. Let me help you to do this in the right way.

This is why today I’m offering a free consultation where I’ll review your site and let you know my professional opinion as what is holding you back. I’ll give you advice FOR FREE and you’ll see that making sales is easier than what you think.

Don’t suffer anymore, there is a way to do this, and I want to help you today to help you make the first step.

Just visit my gig for conversion rate at: and send me a message with the specific URL you want me to analyze and your definition of conversion, which is, what is that you are trying to accomplish with this page or site, from there I can start to work and you’ll receive a very detailed and comprehensive file with details and everything.

Ask for your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY and let me help you to make this happen.

I look forward to work with you.

To your success!


So I wanted to say thanks for your free consultation, it was informative and targeted the areas I was missing out on. I would definitely be interested to have you working closer with me and giving me more specialized information, thanks a million.

It was my genuine pleasure to help you.

I look forward to work with you in the future, my friend!



Thank you for your review it was very informative and I understand what you’re saying

and got where you were comming from. The site is like you said and there is not much I can do to it but I am looking forward to working with you to improve my site conversions.

Reply to @shaynuss264: Thank you very much for your message. I’m so happy to know that this free service really helped you to learn more about your site and how you can improve things.

I definitely have something in mind for you and I can’t wait to start work on it.

Again, it is my genuine pleasure to assist you.

All the best!

You do free advice for any site or fiverr gigs only? Do you have any advice for my gigs:

Thank you Jose, you went well beyond what I was expecting, you provided great insights I’ll be considering and implementing. I’ll be looking at your other gigs because you offer great value!

Reply to @tumichael2: Hi there,

Thank you very much for your message.

I can check normal websites or gigs as well. I just did one gig review actually.

This is totally doable and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Just send me a message and pick one of your gigs so that I can review it. With these recommendations, you can work all your other gigs.

Contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you.



Reply to @flyingpotato: Hi there,

I’m so glad you found my free service useful. That is the intention, my friend. I’m pretty sure that everyone deserves to be successful, and the only thing we need is to have the right information. That is what inspires me to offer all this great value, as you say, and as I truly like to do things.


I wanted to take the time to leave a review of the free consultation service from Jose. I must say that the amount of VALUE and ADVICE that I have received has the potential to transform anyone’s business. Jose does a full overview of your site/business, tells you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. If you take advantage of this service, I promise you that you will see some improvement within your business. Not only is this a great FREE service, but Jose is also a great, genuine guy who has a big heart and passion for helping people succeed online. I can’t thank him enough!

Thanks again, and God bless!

Josh Mayers

Reply to @jkm1992: Thank you very much for your kind feedback, Josh. It is my pleasure to help everyone wanting to really succeed online with sharp and effective strategies that really give results.

Thank you very much!

I look forward to keep working with you.



Good presentation on website development approach. Looking forward the how of implementation.


Thank you for the post. It was very informative, I liked the way you presented the whole scenario.

Reply to @oaklmedmart: Hey, thank you very much for your comment. It was my genuine pleasure to help you on this, and I also look forward to work with you and implement everything I have prepared for your site. You’ll be surprised, this will definitely change your business.



Reply to @sophiemichael: Hey thanks for your comment!

I would love to know more about you and help you with my free service. Let me know if you are interested.



Jose, Muchas gracias por toda la información estuvo muy interesante y aprecio mucho el tiempo dedicado para ayudarme a entender sobre el mundo de Internet.

Espero podamos continuar trabajando en un futuro y le recomiendo a las demás personas trabajar contigo, ya que hasta el momento he obtenido un excelente servicio


Reply to @aletate: Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Es un verdadero placer poder ayudarte y me da mucho gusto que encuentres interesante todo lo que te he platicado.

¡Un saludo y Bendiciones!


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Todavia das consultas Gratis…???