Free facebook promotion to 1,000,000 Facebook Users (100% free, cost $0)



I am going to start my freelancing on fiverr. Although i am new here but my experience is more than 5 years on social media promotion and internet marketing. Before starting here, i am going to offer 100% free facebook promotion service to you.

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In return you have to tell me, your review on my service. If you found my service is good, you are most welcome to order at; if it’s not good enough please advice on that time, how i will be able to improve my service.

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you claim those users are real, how can you tell who is real and who aint? *wink wink.


Reply to @biancha: It’s real to me because my promotion is real. All will be public groups. If you have 10 accounts and you use them at the same time on those groups, i am not responsible for that. Your all 10 accounts are real to me :slight_smile:


awww… i would be realllyyyy thankful to u if you can really do that for me… :frowning:

am so worried and tensed… i dont have any job and here also not getting any order… :frowning: please help

here you go…