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Free First Gig For a Review


Is it possible to somehow give 1 free gig to a buyer but also for him to be able to leave his review on my work?


Not possible. You need an order, which is real, to get a review.


No you can’t buyer have to pay to post a review(s).


Thank god there isn`t.
Otherwise, what will happen to sellers like us…
“Why pay for, when you can get it for free” - Hope this makes sense.


I agree with the other people in this thread. Free work for a review is a terrible, terrible idea. Don’t pimp yourself out for a review. Do good work, get paid… and be happy whether you gain a review or not. Then, move on to the next order, and repeat the process.




It’s a bad idea. Don’t do this. It could be responsible for your account to be banned due to fiverr terms.


very bad idea. You have to work hard to get good reviews and build you profile. Try sending buyer requests and give your best. Do good job and have best reviews. Thats how it works.