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Free Gig (Conditions Apply)!


Hi everyone,

I am starting a new fashion & styling blog and I am offering a free gig to the first five people who show an interest in this.

Here is the gig:

Conditions are: as opposed to paying customers, your consultation will be featured in my blog. I will email you a sample if you are interested!


I don’t think there is a way to offer a gig that someone doesn’t have to pay for. You can offer extra/double services which is kind of like getting a free gig, but the buyer still has to pay the minimum $5.

Featuring a consultation in your blog may be a special addition you are offering, but I guess I am not sure how that makes the gig free. I’m still appreciate of your thought and supportive of your business, just maybe confused on your offer. Good luck!


Hi, thanks for your comment and I am sorry if it sounds confusing for you.

Yes, I mean I will offer the service specified in my gig for free to 5 different customers. I am not going to make these 5 people order the gig or even use fiverr for that option.

(Of course, my gig is still offered on for those who want to just order a private consultation from me and don’t want to expose themselves in my blog. Blog is still under construction and I am preparing the material at the moment.)