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Free Gig for Fiverrs


im giving away one of my gigs

just join by choose a number for your self

and i will choose random number

dont repeat numbers

for fiverrs only

thats great chance to have your own website for free


number 9



It’s great that you want to giveaway a gig. Good luck.

Be aware that it’s a major holiday weekend in the U.S. and a lot of the forum audience is away or not active on-line.

When doing a promotion, you might want to establish a few parameters such as;

  • limiting the number of contestants, “1 through 10” or “1 through 20”.
  • posting a time limit for the promotion, “now through December 2nd”.


only one need this gig ???

tracytraffic you are so lucky … lol


I think I will go for the classic number 7

( thank you for the oppertunity) take care



ok thx my friend


here we go

only 24 hrs left

choose your number form 1 through 10

good luck


only two joined

and i will give both of them my free gig



Thanks. How do l get the gift?


am new and hope am lucky with 6



I choose number 2