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FREE GIG! I will promote your gigs to 15,000 members of my facebook group

Dear friends,

Let me promote your gigs to 15,000 members of my facebook group free.

For only 5 lucky people, after the first 5 lucky people that we get my gig free, you most buy one of my gig here to get the above gig free again.

Just send me the gig url you want me to promote free for you (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Best regards creativejidan

Welcome to Fiverr and we are glad you are participating with the forums. This is a great offer and I am sure many will take advantgage of your offer including me but you might want to state what the terms and conditions are. Good luck with your gig(s). You can share my Fiverr page

Buddy… You are just awesome and I am very happy that I am the second one to get your gig for free…


Thanks so much if you really do this man!


What’s your Facebook account?

Please share Bill’s Gig.


Please helpout :slight_smile:

daemonbill was the last person that get this gig free, @thevoicemachine and others the FREE GIG has gone! But you can have access to it from

Please, read the entire thing before you decide.

I know that this is a bit late to be asking but do you know of anyone who will do a gig for my facebook group for free?


I, created a group where people can come and learn and self educate themselves from content posted by myself and other members in the group too. All 100% free of charge as I believe that information should be free and not bound by anything, be it offending someone, color, if you have money or not, etc, etc… Anyway, though there are documentaries, informative videos, articles, music like mozart( did I spell that one right?), free courses/class( someone even has stuff from MIT if I am not mistaken), free ebooks, and eventually audio documentaries too/also. It is a free and open space for learning and educational purposes only, 0 drama and 0 bulls***. We are just getting started and just imagine when we have over 1000++ members. All that diverse content and self educating content. I encourage the members to post stuff even if it offends other people or not.

  1. Cannot be bulls***, and you cannot purposely interfere with someone elses learning in the group.

  2. Nothing, illegal.

    Take a look and see for yourself.… Please promote my gig