Free Gig Promotion - Chances Of Getting More Orders


Hi, just follow these Free and Simple steps in order to increase your chances of getting more and more orders

  1. Upload an High quality display image for each gig
  2. Upload a pro video for each gig (330% more conversion)
  3. Description which describes your gig clearly
  4. Put correct Tags/Keywords on the Tag section
  5. Send buyer request regularly related to your gig only
  6. Promote using Social media like FB groups, Twitter, Linkedln etc…
  7. Create youtube videos and put your gig link on the description
  8. Always over deliver like free one day delivery etc.
  9. Try to be Online always, you can download the fiverr app on your smart phone and respond to the buyers without any

delay, that will increase your response rate
10. Always Loyal to the buyer, that will turn a first time buyer to your regular buyer


Thanks, great tips.


Don’t put your gig for sale in the buyer requests. It’s a newbie mistake, and almost certain doom if you’re a writer. It means you can’t follow instructions. Buyer Requests are for people looking to buy custom gigs for jobs they need done. It’s not a way to promote your gig, it just makes you look bad.


I think she said " send offers in buyer request regularly "


I think she said " send offers in buyer request regularly "


I think
She said " send offers in buyer request regularly". :slight_smile:


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Thanks, great tips.


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Thank you for your great tips.