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Free gig promotions [archived]

Free GIG promotions on my Social networks

I would love some help to promote this gig

Thanks :smiley:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I will pin one of your gigs to my pinterest in return, thank you.

here you go.

I was going to do the voice over one but I have to start somewhere. lol! Thansk and be blessed.

Fathers day is coming around, or even for a mans birthday or for any star wars fan, then this is the gig for you!

Coming very soon, Starwars characters will sing you a happy birthday or wish you a happy fathers day, or simply deliver any message that you wish, in a good old starwars fashion way.

Looking forward to servicing you! May the force be with you!

thank you so much!

thank you

You’re fabulous! :slight_smile:

The create videos of all types to anyone who needs them:


Here is my main gig:

Thank you

I will collect yours gig

Let’s try this again. Sorry all.

i will collect your gig in return thanks

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This is my gig


Alright.Here’s my gig:

And maybe as an extra you will promote this one too:

Thank you very much.You are awesome.