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Free Gigs: Get your Portrait!


Hey guys!

I am here for three months now, and it’s been awesome!

When I first started drawing on Fiverr I wasn’t sure what to expect, but things turned out so great. Sales are terrific, I gained enough money to pay my scholarship for next year! And my drawing skills has became better. I also made some huge connections with people, one time buyers became recurrent clients and then friends. And all of that thanks to this great community, I feel now like it’s time for me to pay you back! :smiley:

So here is the deal, I am offering 3 HAND DRAWN PORTRAIT for FREE for 3 Fiverr members ( I wish I could offer more but I don’t have time to make portraits of all of you guys :stuck_out_tongue: ). In order to participate just leave a comment here on this post, the 3 winners will be chosen by drawing lots. Participation will be closed the 25th August!

->> Two of the winners will get their portrait as a High Res .jpeg file (check examples here

->> One lucky member will get his portrait + a SPEED DRAWING VIDEO! (check examples here :

Results will be announced here and the drawings ( & your gigs if you want :smiley: ) will be featured on my Facebook Page. So don’t wait, get your FREE portrait and your SPEED HAND DRAWN VIDEO NOW!

Good luck,



Reply to @rochellereid: Love the spirit :smiley: ! Maybe next time @rochellereid


Reply to @musicmeister: Me too :stuck_out_tongue: Good for you maybe you will be the only one to have all the three portraits I don’t mind :smiley:


Surprise no one commented here yet.

Ahem, I’m gladly inserting my comment here.


Congrats on your success!


Reply to @powerseoservice: Thanks ! :wink:


wow, what an amazing artist, hope I win!!!


Reply to @steph4u2nite: :blush: thaanks! Good luck!


Up! Anyone else?? Only 5 days left!!


Sure…I’m in. But I’m a newbie. How long do I have to wait before my gig shows up on this site. Appreciate the help.


Wow, congrats for your success and I hope you always success for everything. and I hope I win, haha :smiley:

*sorry for my English


Hey, wait, count me in! I love drawing and dancing. I am a Moondancer with unique Moondancing skill and I’d love to have a portrait of mine in Michael Jackson’s outfit

Tu Michael

PS: Should I offer a free Moondancing video too? :slight_smile:


Reply to @mafialady: You don’t have to wait too long if you do the right things, check this post by auws a level two seller it will help you a lot!


Reply to @beno_rohman: Good luck :wink:


Reply to @tumichael2: Heey, if you win I will draw you in Michael Jackson’s outfit, should be great for promotion haha :smiley:


I just found out about your great artwork…I am ordering a gig and hope I get one free of me too!!! :)))) You are truly talented!!!


Congrats Yassine! Count me in :wink:


Reply to @assistdetroit: Thank you so much, looking forward to work with you :wink: and maybe draw your portrait :smiley:

Good luck!


Reply to @bbetrio3: Thanks and welcome :wink:


Reply to @enissay14: in case i dont win, are you interested in gig exchange? :slight_smile: