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Free Gigs - Would You?

If Fiverr allowed you to do gigs for free, would you? Basically, you would do a custom order and charge 0 dollars.

When things are slow, there are times I think I would do it if it helped my fiverr ranking. Basically I would do it for free if the client help me spread the word about my gig.

No doubt, I would be very selective and may only do it a few times a month but it may be worth it if it helps me get more gigs.

Would you?

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I wouldn’t as it devalues the quality of work that you do. I feel it a disservice to other sellers who are also working hard but cannot afford to work for free. Either way, it is certainly challenging to start climbing the ladder as a relatively new seller.


I’ve seen some people do it in order to get reviews and I guess it does work at times.
Personally I won’t recommend it though, it can come across as being desperate, or
simply buyers will take advantage of you.

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