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Hello everybody! I am new on fiverr and I have not made any sales yet.

I was thinking that if I offer my fist 3 gigs for free I would promote myself and I would be able to start selling.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Or send invites and earn from giving out free gigs to many

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I like the buy one, get one mentality. If you were to just “give away” your first 3 Gigs, you wouldn’t be doing yourself that big of a favor. Why? Well, because those 3 people who get a freebie from you will NOT be able to rate your Gig! So, what purpose would it be for, other than to hope these people would actually order after you give away your work. What if they don’t? LOL Then you are back at square one. But, if you have a buy one get one free offer, that may lure people to try it in order to get more bang for their buck.

With the Free referral thing, the person has to spend $10, so that may or may not work for you, but, hey, anything is worth a shot when starting out, right?!


It’s not a good idea to give away freebies here because you won’t get rated as previously stated by genuineguidance. Not only that, but people will try to take advantage of you (but that will happen regardless. Some people just want something for nothing.). You can make a name for yourself without giving away your work. Just promote your gig as much as you can, add a video that gives a brief, yet informative overview of what you do and why buyers should work with you. Check over your gig description to make sure it’s customer friendly. Always respond to potential buyers with a kind, polite attitude (yes, even the ones that ask you to perform circus tricks for peanuts), and be as professional as possible. Do this, and your potential for buyers and repeat customers will increase.

how to get buyers for my gig

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Reply to @foxella: Thanks, your advice is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Reply to @elamst: No problem. I also suggest changing the title of one of your gigs. If you’re going to do a buy one get one free, then you can do that, but saying that you’ll deliver a service for free for five dollars can be confusing to potential buyers and drive away customers. I suggest having one as a buy one get one free and the other as just a regular gig. And when you get a customer, you can tell them about your buy one get one free gig, and then you’ll be making even more money when they decided to purchase that gig. :smiley:

Reply to @foxella: Thanks, I will change that :slight_smile:

Instead offering freebies, I would suggest all new buyers to check direct fiverr requests its a competitive but lot of scope if you really serve the best… all the very best !

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