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Free Gigs?

Is it a good idea, or even possible, to carryout a few gigs for free to build up your rating?

People have to buy your gigs to leave feedback.

That does make sense when I think about it.

No you can’t sale the gigs for free!

Even if there was a possibility to do so, why would you? You’ve invested time into developing your skills. You’ve invested time into someone’s project using those skills. Why wouldn’t you want to get paid for it? Building up your ratings boils down to hard work, dedications, and quality service.

I hear this sort of thing a lot, inside and outside of Fiverr. A lot of people think getting that first free job done will help their reputation, but it typically causes more problems than they might expect.

Offering to do your talented work for free devalues your skills and craft. It builds your reputation as a “cheap” or “free” talent, and it builds a public opinion that your craft and time should be valued less than other kinds of jobs.

It’s best to charge what you think is a reasonable amount for the work you provide at your skill level, and improve upon your craft and develop better ways to build your reputation based on your talent and skill, rather than offering free work.

Hope that helps at all.

Desperation on display is not good.

Well it does not work that way, they will have to buy your gig to give you feed back. you can refund them out side of fiverr but that would complicate things and i think it is against fiverr Terms…
the best thing you can do is to bring something very new to the table, your preservation of the gig should be unique enough to grab the attention of fiverr staff, they will place your gig in the recommended section, that way you will get rolling. do a video in a unique style. best of luck

Let suppose new sellers are allowed to sell 10 gigs for free to get feedback. Almost 1000 people join fiverr daily and let suppose 50% of them are sellers. 10x500=5000 free gigs daily. So, No money making, WTF…!

Even for free they can give you bad feedback.

I was thinking about offer free gig. But after reading this post and all comments I will not do free gig.
I have to believe in me an my quality of works. I need to improve skill. And if my work is good, buyer must place order for my gigs.

Thank you all for your comments.

If they don’t want it for $5 they won’t want it for free.

Yes, give your work away for free. This is a superb idea. I can see absolutely nothing going wrong with it at all.

Actually sellers with an desperate attitude nurturing bad behavior of buyers who in the end are only here to get stuff for free. Just recently I had to explain to a buyer that this site is called Fiveer and not Slaverr.

“Just recently I had to explain to a buyer that this site is called Fiverr and not Slaverr.”

LOL…Man, you always come up with such WTF statements…you have a real talent :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, i understand why you can’t do gigs for free now.
You have all been very constructive, thanks all!

Thank you :slight_smile:

That guy was btw a top buyer. See the fact that he dared asking me if it was OK for me if he payed me more than 65% less than my usual price, says a lot about how other desperate sellers have nurtured this guy’s arrogant behaviour.

Do you think, is there huge gap between FREE and $5…LoL