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Free giveaway: Fiverr inspired WordPress template to all my friends

Hello y’all. I am having a good day and so I decided to put together a template that somewhat resembles our beloved Fiverr. :slight_smile:

I have glanced through the forum and haven’t really seen anyone giving anything away for free so I thought why not start!?

This template is W3C valid and with a few customizations can mimic the look and feel of Fiverr. I thought it would be great for those who wish to build a WordPress blog about their Fiverr gigs so your visitors feel at home when they see it…

There is no catch and there is no gimmick. The only one thing I would like to ask is that you leave credits in the bottom of the theme(below the footer). I didn’t want to hard code them in. So leave them on…if you can.

If you want any modifications to the theme you can contact and hire me via

Good day!

P.S. If zip file attachment isn’t working here chime in via Fiverr and I will reply with this free theme.

Yeah, that was the plan. :slight_smile:

i cant see the download. is it still up for download?

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i found this guy very helpful with wordpress tweaks and work

Hi…would like the free fiverr clone script.
Thanks again.