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Free Giveaway ;)


#FREE #ALERT ! :smiley:

3 People will have postcards sent to them from Egypt as a gift. :slight_smile:
and 3 others will get this Gig as a gift as well.

this is absolutely for free, without any fees and no question asked…yes, without any shipping or anything, you only send me a message and you’ll get your gift shipped to your home in 2 weeks :))

There’s only one condition!! when you receive your gift, do one small thing to make someone you love happy :slight_smile: it might be buying your friend a cup of her favorite coffee, or it can be as simple as tidying your spouse’s wardrobe to make her/him happy or even taking your mom/dad/spouse/children out to the movies for a lovely night…the point is “MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY” :)) !


Nice idea @emanabulmagd! :slight_smile: You are make me happy at the moment! :slight_smile:


Could instead of a postcard, I get a picture of a pyramid?


That sounds lovely; I too would like something from Egypt…My band actually uses a pyramid with an eye on our fb page, so having something authentic (not for public use, I was just saying) would be totally cool. :smiley:


Your comment made me happy :smiley: <3


Yes, sure ! :smiley: send me a message on Fiverr to get on with the shipping details :wink:


Mmmmmm…i think we can upgrade the gift for you.
send me on Fiverr to discuss the details :wink:


Love it.:sweat_smile:


So you want a postcard ? :))


Thank you very much for HAPPY evening! :slight_smile:
Don’t waste time on sending, take time for your business. :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best!