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Free Library of Tools?


If you had access to a free library of tools to help you work efficiently, which of these would you prefer?
(Please check all that apply)

  • Icons
  • Vectors
  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • Simple animations
  • Visual effects
  • Sound Effect
  • Music
  • Fonts
  • Color pallets
  • Mock-ups
  • Backgrounds
  • Text Effects

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As a :studio_microphone: VO artist - most definitely Music and Sound Effects.:sunglasses:


To be honest, I can’t add to this poll. Any kind of creative seller builds a library of tools and from experience of looking at Fiverr, 99% of animated video makers are already selling near identical products due to them using the same paid for and stolen tools.

If Fiverr made free libraries of tools available to sellers, you’re basically giving sellers with no creative talent a way to undercut people like me who spend $1,000 - $2,000 per year creating our own libraries and end creative products.

I was the first seller on Fiverr to sell real estate videos. Now I make the lowest amount of sales out of hundreds of people selling stolen videohive templates, all of which look near identical and can be profited from even when sold for $5.

Say paid library. Say, congratulations! You’ve just made $5K in sales as a creative seller and we’re going to help you out by giving you access to our premium tool library! For God sake, though, don’t start compounding the fact that Fiverr is already identical animated logo, video, and vector logo central, by making it even easier for the how do I mek sell zombies.


I agree that someone who sells their skills as a graphic designer or video editor would have what they need if they are skilled enough to be selling their services. A free set of tools would encourage even more unskilled beginners to attempt to sell things no one would like once they get it.

I am so glad you are asking questions like this to get input. I just put my own opinion and I’m sure others would disagree.


Totally agree with the others here that these free tools would lead to a diluting of quality, particularly in those areas where there are already huge amounts of cookie cutter templates being used. Most professionals would already have sources for this type of thing and would likely stay away from the free options being used by every unskilled seller who is not prepared to invest in higher quality tools for their business.

If the goal is to provide something useful to help new sellers, a better focus would be to sort out the Buyer Request section and make that usable - right now it is horrendous for both buyers and sellers despite that format being the crux of most other freelance sites!


We would see an entire sub-category of newbies who use the same tools provided by fiverr coming to the forum asking how to make sales and how to use the tools.


I totally agree with you all. An access to a library of tools with only stimulate provision of unprofessional services.
Even without the tool, some people are providing services they are not good at only because it sells, so what would become of it if a library of tools was created?


The sad thing is, the survey I just had pop up on my dashboard would imply that Fiverr is seriously thinking along these lines. What is more, in terms of sales across the board, it would look good for a while on paper for Fiverr. The only thing is, this would be the last nail in the creative coffin for people like me surrounded by people who already make a business out of illegally selling video and effects stolen from elsewhere.

One minute Fiverr wants everyone to working to what it considers a higher standard. The next it also wants to give sellers who would and should fail through lack of initiative, extra leverage to make a few bucks.

Also, regarding the recent survey. It was a bit sneaky asking what tools I use. Can’t we just have a year of non-interference for 2018. It is already silly now selling on Fiverr if you do actually create your own work and not simply steal and reuse existing material from elsewhere.


Do you mean no more changes to the platform? I wish we could be shown online when we are online again. Even if we have old orders that never started.


Too bad you didn’t include “gig images” on that list. That’s the #1 thing those of us who aren’t graphic artists need.


Gig images are very hard to create if you’re not a graphic artist. Perhaps it would be a cool idea to instead of using free tools, you can partner up with on-site designers for a lower cost to get your gigs up to speed.


I don’t like asking people for discounts, so usually I look for sellers who are priced within my budget. I still think placeholder images might allow many sellers to sell on Fiverr without creating ugly images or hiring someone to do that.

I realize some people happy taking a picture of themselves on the beach, and using that as a gig image. But for me that’s not acceptable, I’m not selling myself, I’m selling my talent. I want a gig image that stands out in a positive way. Me in a bathing suit stands out in a scary way. LOL