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Free life lessons by "Karen"

Hello, Everyone (specially our beloved new “how to mek sells” sellers) gather around to watch the first episode of “Free life lessons by Karen”. Feast your eyes on this screenshot.

I failed to get the order from “Karen” but you don’t have to.

So, how to get order from “Karen”? As soon as you get a message from “Karen” (you’ll know), tell him/her your name, city and country. Karen will give you the work and decide a fair price for that work. Don’t say anything, bow down and accept whatever Karen offers.

That’s it. Enjoy!


Please report the buyer for the sake of the marketplace.


Oh my GOD :cold_sweat: IT GOT WORSE AND WORSE! “In your country you’re used to being poor so I don’t want to pay you fairly” ??? Do you have to deal with this kind if racism a lot?


I’m surprised you kept going after the second message :joy:


Thankfully, no. Hardly 10 buyers stooped to that level in last 6 years. I think these type of buyers usually target new sellers.

They’d pay you less for the same work just because of your location? … I just find that absolutely disgusting.


At any rate, that’s 10 too many. Sorry you had to deal with this absolute blowhard. He sounds like a truly miserable stale piece of wonder bread.


I was just trying my best to learn a few things from a millionaire who paid for 4th $3.7M house in cash. I grabbed a bag of popcorn at 4 in the morning, but unfortunately, this guy left me hanging.


This is the type of person that believes monopolies shouldn’t be outlawed and that companies outsourcing jobs to countries with no labor laws shouldn’t be required to treat their employees ethically because “at least they’re giving them a job”

A soulless, dollar-bill-where-a-heart-should-be barnacle.

Reported and blocked him.


And that is why they are a “millionaire” instead of a billionaire (since they think they’re that smart). Even actual billionaires let alone millionaires would pay you more. Why cheap out when you’re that rich apparently, hm?

Another form of racism, basically. Or more precisely, white saviorism. Did I get that right?

(Not assuming their race, but it’s exactly that sort of behavior. I don’t think the term should just be limited to volunteering)

they’re on about monopoly houses i suspect. karren seems to be lacking in the IQ department

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I Googled “the Male equivalent of a Karen” and the top two results said “Frank”… :grimacing: the search for a good name continues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wanted to tell this guy that Sims 4 simoleons don’t work in real world. :rofl:


She’s clearly stuck with Old Kent Road and is wondering how to get to Mayfair :joy:

Did that before posting. Read about “Frank” on reddit. I decided to go with well known “Karen” for now.

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This will be Savannah from the youth club who then travels to the Indian factory where the employees are making a few bucks a day, poses for 10 Instagram photos of herself handing them goody bags full of merch with her name on it, and then goes home and forgets about it forever except whenever someone brings up spiritual mindfulness and she nods and says “I spent time in Asia, I know ALL about that”


Even Simlish makes more sense than what they’re speaking.

That is both oddly specific and incredibly stereotypical. These types of people are so strange… and it’s even stranger that there are so many of them.