Free Money for a Doer


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To quote emmaki for anyone interested:

@videostore https://■■■■■■■■■■■/fiverr2 feast on this. A tweet 8 hours ago: “What motivates you? Join our #InDoersWeTrust movement for the chance to be awarded $500 in #Fiverr credit. http://■■■■■■/2jG31nz3

Check out that tracking URL yo.

EDIT: oh my sides, that tweet came with a gif featuring a “campus icon”. Fiverr troll level= expart

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Where? I want $500 I’m a doer lol


I signed up for twitter after the CEO’s hasty 5m “yeah w/e” “Q&A” about 3 weeks ago.

They’re awarding random ppl $500 for doing stuff on there. I don’t know, I have Viz and funnies loaded up alongside Donald Trump so I gloss over it. Fact is, Fiverr really, really, really, really (x1,000,000 infinity) squandered their controversial campaign when the #1 YTer went for the worst elements of this site.

Oh, and some super dull thing about financial responsibility. Sorry if that was you Matt, but dude. That was dull. From sex, drugs, rock and roll to fiscal responsibility? Wut.

Fiverr needs to be more like Lord Flashheart. Instead, it’s Blackadder. Or Melchett.


Nah, I’m all for $500 in a seller’s hands. Occasionally. :wink: (If this is a new discussion, I suggest starting a topic on it.)


Oh man this is news to me… How stupid… of them to be spending any money on something like that when they can be devising a plan to make the sellers jobs here easier with more site fixes and better support =/. Something has changed in the support department for the better… but there are still problems that just allow for too many tickets to be created here. Spend $$ fixing the site please fiverr!


You know, looking at this page

I see an opportunity for merciless baiting. I will be “doing” this tomorrow. You know where to put my $500, and even if you don’t, my Twitter links right back to Fiverr!

Gimme $500, Fiverr, for I will do. If you don’t want me to do, I will be quiet for $1000. As a bonus, you won’t have to find my Twitter. Call it a finder’s fee.

I’m just being sex, drugs rock n roll here btw. WOO!


This one is for you, @eoinfinnegan!

“Our friend @garyvee is speaking our language. #InDoersWeTrust

When GV worked with Fiverr last, the CFO looked like he’d rather be drilling nails in his eyes than be stuck with this fine example of a Tai Lopez.


Yes! I agree! 500 buys us a faster phone, so we can all be like that woman from the ad and not have our efforts at immediate responses to fiverr alerts in all situations of life thwarted by our phone being a slug!



$500 means Rs. 33,000. I know what I am going to do with it. Use it for a part of my advance tax payment. Either that or buy Axis Mutual Fund. Or maybe buy some TCS shares. Options, options. How do I apply? Can’t you make it $1,500?


Isn’t it $500 in Fiverr credit, to spend on gigs?


Even that sounds like a good prospect. I can get a website designed, perhaps by @silkroute bhai or by @mithunbaiju bhai.


I wanted to look up if bhai is a word you can use for guys and gals alike, look at point 2!
In case this gets edited, so you’ll still know what it says:
2. The man who gets s*** done. Similar to a don.


  1. Hindi for brother.
  1. The man who gets shit done. Similar to a don.
    1. Woh mera bhai hai.
    2. Javed bhai will take care of you.

#bhaiyya #don #brother #head #choot

[source: Urban Dictionary,]

So, in essence, bhai=Doer.


It is a hilarious translation. In India, you’ll land up in trouble because of this.
Do not use this word. :smiley:

Bhai = Brother


LOL…you’re really funny in your own way :smiley:


I think that is correct. :slight_smile:


Damn Funny. :joy: Its actually used for brother.


It´s this weird genetic mixture of humour that was bestowed upon me, it can be really hard, I´m often afraid to be funny because people will think I´m serious. :scream_cat: :wink:

Okay, thanks you all for confirming this, so if someone will inbox me in future with ‘Hi bro’ I´ll reply with ‘Hi bhai.’ :wink:



And if it’s dreaded, why would he call a girl “bro”?

And if he didn’t realize he was talking to a girl, would it still be terrible for him if she calls him Bhai?


Yes they do, but they aren´t, they just cultivate a rather dry/sarcastic kind of humour, and often a decent subtle one, not the flashy lol cats or meme kind so to speak, and in my case there´s the infamous british black humour mixed in as well, so things can get tough. :wink:

Oh dear, yes the hashtags. I love the urban dictionary. whistles


Namaste Bhai . . . .