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Free Promotion For Your GIG

Hey guys,

I believe that we’re all want our GIG on fiverr to be promoted to everywhere to help our sales increase.

Therefore I have created a Facebook fan page that use to promote Fiverr GIG :), I will promote your gig for free on there, and hopefully it will help you guys to spread your gig to more facebook users!

The link to my fan page is below:


To get your GIG promoted on there:

you can either give me an inbox on my fan page along with your link and description.

you can post a comment above along with your gig link and description.

:slight_smile: Best of luck!

Best regards

Bao Anh Le


Reply to @zbaoanhle:

Thanks for your Service!

I am new here, please promote my Gig:


Thanks in Advance!

Hello please promote my gig

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Reply to @zbaoanhle: Thank you


Lovely idea!

Gig Link:


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I will give you best keyword for $5

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@shore_marketing and @nechro done! :)…good luck with more traffic to your gig :slight_smile:

Description: "I will put a melody and piano accompaniment to your poem or lyrics!

Your poem or lyrics can be about anything (except offensive and overtly sexual things and bad language). Your lyrics don’t have to rhyme or be amazing, because I will make it sound amazing for you! I will make the song any style to match the mood of your lyrics. Note that this gig is only for audio. If you want a video, like the one you just watched, that is an extra (details below).

***PS: I can rap! :slight_smile:

This gig is great great for when…

You’re good at writing lyrics, but can’t make up melodies

You want to send your friend an awesome, personalized happy birthday song

You need a new jingle for your company or business

You need an awesome voiceover

The possibilities are endless!"

THanks :slight_smile:


I am a graphic artist and I do artworks

Are you a fan of marvel or DC superheroes, well

I can draw you as a cartoon superhero or villain, I can do anime also if you want.

Hey there,

Thankyou so much for the offer. Here is my link which I want to promote:

Description: This gig is about providing a complete SEO package which includes website submission, classified ad submission, social bookmarks and banner ad creation. All these for the price of one gig.



Hi great thing that you are doing

This is my gig

Description: In this gig I will write 1 150-200 word review on any product/service/website/blog and deliver it in 1 day or less.

@silentsword18, @mahi20,@nelsonnyc all done :)…^_^…

good luck in the future! :slight_smile:

Would you please promote my gig too?

Many thanks in advance


can you please promote my gig?

Ever wondered what original gift you can give someone for his birthday/wedding?

This simple gig can solve that for you.

For simply 5 dollars you get a personally illustrated cake design with your word.

you can print it on a shirt or on the birthday cake. give it as a birthday card or put it on a mug.

and all that for only 5$!!!

Turn that frown upside down with typography! I’ll turn your mug-shot into poetic bliss!

Hello, mind promoting mine? Thanks!

Stop worrying about finding the time to plan that birthday party or wedding reception. Leave all that to me! I’ll design your entire agenda for a party no one will forget; including refreshments, locations, activities, themes, prices, and more!


:slight_smile: All done…and good luck! :slight_smile: