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How to sell any product of your choice online or offline!

Some times when you tell people they can do all things, they seems to see it as impossible, but I have good news for you. A man entered into a seminar venue where he is to teach and asked the people there this question: Do you think is possible to eliminate jails in this country? The whole crowed didn’t respond to that question. He reputed the question again: I said, do you guys think or believe is possible to eliminate jails in this country? Few minute latter, somebody said something like: Do you mean to say there will be no more criminals in this country? The man said yes. Then others said: Don’t you think there will be no more jobs for our police men? Infarct, did you hear that arm robbery news that was shared in the news paper today? Come on, there is no way this will be possible. This and more were there replies on that question. Then after given them chance to say their minds, the man now turned to them and said: Now in that same way you believed that eliminating jails is impossible, can you try extra had and believe that is possible and see what you will come up with. They did and came up with these:

a) By cutting down the rate of unemployment.

b) By providing more skill acquisition center for the youth and give them startup capital to start when they are done.

c) By developing a system that will indicate when something is about to go wrong, so that our security men will position there self to stop it. This and more were the ideas of those people who believed before that eliminating jails was impossible.

Now the question is: what happened to those good ideas when there were given the negative ones? Where did they go? Well, I can say they were in them waiting for them to give them reasons to come up, but they didn’t, they were busy given the negative ones reasons to come and they came. But thank God for the man who gave them reasons to change their mind. I don’t know if you are one of those people that hardly believe that things are possible, if you are one of them, I have a massage for you: As a man reasons or thinket in his hart, so is he. Whatever you believe is what you will get. Simple! So what do you believe?

When I said I will tell you how to sell any product of your choice online or offline, do you believe me? Well, I don’t know. But if you didn’t, then stop reading this now, because it will never work for you. Unless you turn and believe it now, if not, please stop right away.

Having said that, now take the ideas!

a) Set a goal of how much you want to make per day, weeks, or months.

b) Take some part of that your product or services and give it to people free. But don’t give them all. Rather give them some and make sure you hang it on their neck, then refer them to where they will finish it, but make sure you charge them there. For example: You may be selling something like how to marry a rich man, then put: 1, Think of impacting any man that comes your way. 2… (Put your link, your email address or any address were they can get the remaining one, then charge them inside there. this should be done on that space you sure at 2.)

c) Give your advert to the amount of people you know that if they buy your product, you will be able to achieve your goals.

d) Give yourself a dead line and tell yourself one bad thing that will happen to you if you fail to take action and you will see yourself taking action immediately.

That is how to sell any product of your choice.

Use it now and you will smile latter. But remember to believe in it first.


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Reply to @kjblynx:

Well, I understand what you mean, but I didn’t wrote this for only those that are selling on fiverr alone, I wrote it with the believe that you guys are also selling else were, but if it happens that you are selling only on fiverr, then you can use it on this forum whenever you want to promote you gigs.