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Free revisions when no revision offered

Hello, I want to know what’s the point of offering no revision if the buyer can as for it anyway. When I offer no revision, after the delivery of the exact need of the buyer, he simply ask for revision for a total different thing. I can easily be blackmailed, if I don’t do the revision, the counter will mark me as late and/or the buyer can cancel the project, both ways my rating is in danger. Why can’t fiverr give me the opportunity to accept or decline the revision asked, and than I can put my price


If a buyer ask for additional work just simply send a custom offer, I
think you can offer 0 revision of fiverr.

He can simply decline the extra charge

Let your no be no, and stick to it. Buyers are not entitled to any revisions, if revisions were not part of the package they ordered.

Once you deliver a completed order on time – before the order deadline, it will not be registered as late (no matter what the counter says). Just make sure you’ve delivered the fully complete order that the buyer requested. Partial deliveries to beat the deadline are a major no-no.