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Free service to the customers or clients for experience and reviews

Hi all,

I am new seller on this fiver platform so to gain some experience and get some reviews is it possible to offer free services to the customers ?

A buyer has to purchase something from a seller in order to be able to leave a review on the seller’s page.

okay thanks dear for informing me
but if offer free service for experience ?

You’re welcome. The answer to your question is nuanced!

Personally, I wouldn’t offer free work on Fiverr. Gigs are supposed to be offered at a base price of

While it’s possible to give away free samples and even free work on Fiverr, and people do, the site isn’t really set up for that kind of thing. I’m not sure how much free work Fiverr would tolerate being give away before becoming a little annoyed.

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okay thanks for your help and support may God Bless you …!!!