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Free services for anyone

Hi Fiverr Community. Hope you are all fine. Should I offer free service to buyers as a new seller I have no work to do ? And want some projects for my experience and skill testing.

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You obviously didn’t read fiverr rules. The minimum price you can put on your gigs is 5$.


Why would you give your work away for free? This only encourages bad buyers to take advantage of you, and once they get the free work you promise, they aren’t going to be purchasing anything. Your skills are worth something.

Make sure you get paid for any work you do – otherwise, why are you here (on Fiverr)?


It’s better to offer a discount first.

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No one needs to pay themselves less to get a client. There are better ways to stand out.

Plus, what @Jonbaas said applies to people who get discounts, too, or ask for them. They then see you as someone who will bow and scrape to get a job and will take advantage of that.

True professionals hire by value, not by who they can get to give them a discount. Professional buyers want who will give them the best value for their dollar.


Be patient, stay with Fiverr

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