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Free small samples can help you?


So I’m a voice over, and I don’t have a lot of examples to offer in my gig. However, at the “buyers requests”, people usually attach a pdf file or asking for something in general, since I’m a seller with not a lot of sales, would it be ok to provide tiny samples based on what the client wants, so then he might find it interesting before ordering it?
I just don’t feel encouraged with only a written offer, or maybe it’s just me who sucks at writing a convincing one.


I have also need to know

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You can provide samples if you want to.

Instead of giving a sample to them of what they are asking for, give them a general sample you have made already. You sound as if you may have someone come along who asks you to give a sample of the entire thing they want done, and then won’t pay for it.


Oooh no no no. Like, someone asks for a huge 500 words text, I’d give a sample up to 20 words only.

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I don’t do VO, but with multiple takes and editing, I imagine you could spend a significant amount of time making a 20 word sample. My suggestion is to take the few tones or accents most requested and make a generic sample for each of those. That way, most potential clients get to hear what they need but at much less effort to you.


This! +1

As a beginner, you might “suck” to write a convincing offer, but keep in mind that this is a task that you NEED to learn if you want to be successful. You can be the greatest VO in history, that won’t serve you if you don’t know how to market yourself.

Providing tiny samples will be time-consuming and counter-productive. Clients expect swift responses rather than 20 words samples.

Study your most amazing competitors and see what they do to promote themselves. See their language, their description and so on. Then work on your wordsmith to make it even better. :slight_smile:

Or at least, hire someone to write killer copy for you. Either way, you need it.


Hmmm. Wonder who you could possibly have in mind?


You can do anything you want. It’s your time. Personally, I very rarely offer free custom auditions, I simply send my demo, as others have alluded to. If you want to send custom auditions, you’ll probably book more work than if you don’t. You will also get better every time you produce audio, so why not?


I can only recommend someone that I highly trust to create something professional and appealing, with a little spark of magic. Me :grin::+1: But let’s not deviate from the topic.


So I just made a sample of a request and I got a response 1 hour later, I’m not saying it’s 100% effective, but now I feel that it helps a lot!