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Free stuff! make a gig out of it and thank me! :)


Hey there everyone,

So, as you know I love fiverr… Even if I had some hard times on here sometimes… fiverr is still great. I am actually working on an issue with Customer Support. They denied one of my gig that was getting orders because they think it is against their TOS. I wrote them and explained them that it is not against their TOS and now I am waiting for a response.

Anyway, this is not the point of this thread. I want to give the opportunity to fiverr sellers to make some money from the amazing fiverr… just so they get the proof it actually really works. All non-believers this is for you! :stuck_out_tongue: I have some youtube channel templates that are editable on Photoshop. I am attaching them to this thread so you can download them. When you get an order, all you would have to do is to modify them a little bit (add buyer name, logo, etc). Hope this helps out! Take some time to thank me and to share success stories! :slight_smile: Templates.7z


Open this file with 7zip! :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks for the free stuff but I m unable to download it. It appears blank :frowning:


Here you go! I am sorry, I uploaded it on my cloud storage! : Templates.7z


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Downloading! I will check it out :slight_smile:


File not available

The upload was interrupted

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This file is not available, because the upload was interrupted.

You will not be able to download the file.

Contact the owner if you need the file.

Opps. bad luck! it appears this :frowning:


Wait on, I am very sorry of that, I will upload it to dropbox! @davemg1057, there is no catch :wink: I won’t spam fiverr forum, so please, think up before writing harsh comment.

Here is the link @tumicheal and for others too!


wow.really beauiful psd theme. i love the weight loss one :slight_smile:

do u have anything related to music or game niche? thank u again for sharing this! :slight_smile:


No sorry I don’t… actually maybe I can make one, but it would take time, and what I am sharing for free is what you just got! Make good use of it! :wink: