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Free taster mini psychic readings - test my skills - for a few people only :)

Hi! :slight_smile: I just joined Fiverr and have opened a gig selling psychic readings. I have decided to offer a few mini taster psychic readings here on the forum, so you can see if you like them, and if you do then feel free to check out my gig at:

If you post below for a free taster reading then please leave your first name and 1 question - your reading will be posted publically and you need to provide feedback within 24 hours and post some proper feedback in this thread afterwards. I am only going to do a couple of these.

Nice to meet you all! :smiley:


Hi there,

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

This is a very kind gesture. :slightly_smiling_face:

@newsmike, @eoinfinnegan think of a Q. :sunglasses:

Hi nikavoice :slight_smile: thank you, it’s nice to be here! :paw_prints: did you want a reading?

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Hi and welcome.
My name is Anna and my question is, will my friend finally get the pet she talked about?


hi anna! can you tell me what your friends first name is? I need it to tune into her energy. If I’m reading on someone other than the person asking then I always need their name too.

Her name is Maddie :wink:

Sure! I would :heart: a reading. Just give me a few to think of a question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm I don’t think she will end up getting it in the near future, it feels like either she will change her mind at the last minute and instead think about/consider other types of animals she might want…it’s also possible something in her life may distract her from her plans to take action to get the pet just now

on a side note, your friend has a very fun, cheerful, lighthearted almost childlike energy to them. She might be the type to change her mind a lot about things and get excited or distracted by different options.

does that make sense?


OK, I’m ready. :smiley:

Name: Nika
Q: Do you see me moving to another Country?

Yes you will, but not quite yet, the timing is not right - you have thought about this for a long time, but when it is the right time you will ‘just know’ and things will come together to make sure you do end up moving there. I feel it will be a complete change for you and a whole new part of your life will begin - it will be like a big shake up with lots of new things to get used to (in a good way) :slight_smile: it will be like a complete overhaul when you move there.The place you move to will be very different to where you are now and you will have to adapt to this new place and their culture etc, it will feel scary but exciting making the big move over there, but I feel it’s something you are meant to do.


Hiya, thanks for the kind offer, my question is - will I make the big goal I’ve set for 2018 happen?

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hi sue, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and persistance on your part, and my feeling is that once you have really put your all into it then you will reach a point where you are at the beginning of whatever your goal is - by this I mean, you will reach it before the year is out, but only just, and you will be at the very initial stage of the goal, you won’t be in the ‘meat’ of it - there will still be more progress to make but you will have at least gotten your teeth into the goal and achieved enough for you to feel happy about and to know that you will expand and grow upon it the following year - you will feel excited about how to develop it further

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My thoughts:
(as per request)

You’ve nailed it! In fact, I’ve been thinking about moving to another Country for the longest time now. I want to experience a new environment, business opportunities, culture, people, food and way of life. I’m an adventure seeker so trying NEW thing is a big plus. Also, crossing X stuff off my bucket-list makes me happy. I can adapt to change easily, for example, living on an :palm_tree: Island :beach_umbrella: and moving to The United States, that was a HUGE culture shock. :hushed: So, moving to another Country, I’ll definitely fit right in. :grin:

Thank you for the reading! :sunglasses:

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile: I’m glad it resonated with you, and I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure when it comes around! The readings I offer on my gig are more in depth and longer than this one, if you ever have any pressing questions x


I’m good, I don’t need any questions answered.
I prefer to live on the wild side and take each day as it comes.
@newsmike on the other hand is more in need of guidance and has lots of questions I am sure.


Living on the wild side, huh?! Sounds, like wicked fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
The wild, the rugged, the untamed. Eoin in a nutshell! :wink:

Mike is too skurred to learn the truth. :smile:

Hey, welcome, I have longed for something for over 18 years, since I was a teen. Do you think I will get it and if so, do you have a timeline?

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You forget that until recently I had my own psychic gig and even gave a few free readings here in the forum. I decided however to narrow my focus and pause that gig.

By the way @eoinfinnegan I knew you were gonna say that.


I ain’t skurred o no ghost.

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You’re cray :joy:

My reading was… eh nvm.

You shut it down before I had a chance to really test your abilities.

Are you afraid of the dark? :stuck_out_tongue: