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Free to Good Home - Cat Stevens


Have you had it with the crazy Fiverr search? Are your gigs simply not performing anymore and do you think it’s time to make a change? Do you think you have to go? - To a new freelance website?

If so, Cat Stevens might be able to help.

I just had Cat Stevens start playing while stressing over a buyer I hope has a habit of smoking near open oxygen cylinders, and I have realized that perhaps this song fits day to day Fiverr seller madness so well…


It’s a beautiful song. He knows he has to go. Hope you stay.


Good song :slight_smile:


The title captured my attention. :smile:

:cat: is telling you something, “find a girl, settle down”.

Problems will go away!


I’d rather walk over hot coals holding a live rattle snake in each hand and a canister of anthrax between my teeth. - Besides, Natalie Portman is taken.

Any who… I was attempting to draw a comparison between the lyrics at the start of the song and people considering whether or not to change their gigs. Apparently, though, this didn’t come across well in translation. :slight_smile:


And I thought you found a cat, named it Stevens and wanted to pitch it to us because cat and Chico didn´t get along. Nice song, anyhow.


I’m glad that wasn’t a hint you were thinking of leaving.



This could happen. :grimacing:

:fire: in the hole.


Fyi~ The lyrics came across perfectly, just yankin’ your tail. :upside_down_face:


That looks like a great fun idea! ^^^^^