Free Trial for my Interactive Bubblewrap Valentine's Day Gift


So guess what? Jenny from Fiverr Customer Support gave me the OK signal to do free trials. I kinda have a lot of time on my hands right now and I enjoy doing these things anyway. Haha. So. Since V-day is still far from now, I’ll give you the product with a message there that says (free trial). If you like it, order it. If not, then that’s ok. Just tell me and I will remove your free trial version. And you don’t have to pay for anything. This free trial is limited for Valentines Day only (to avoid the free trial being abused). I also do Interactive Birthday greeting cards but that is not up for FREE TRIAL =p

So. How to get it?

Step 1: DON’T ORDER!!! (Yet =D)

Step 2: Take a look at my gig and read the description (watch the video, too =D)

Step 3: Message me with the details posted on the gig.

Step 4: Wait a couple of hours. (I don’t have any gigs pending right now. LOL. So it should just take me a couple of hours to finish)

Step 5: Try it. If you liked it, order it.

Step 6: If you didn’t, then just message me again.

Whether you liked it or not. Do leave a feedback in this part of the forum so that I would know how to improve it. (If you didn’t like it…)

Oh and if you liked my work and decide to order, This January, I’m giving it out for buy one take one free.