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Free tweet of your Featured Gig to my 39K Twitter Followers for TOP RATED SELLERS ONLY!


You read it right people! Well…top rated sellers anyway. :slight_smile:

I am going to Tweet your featured gig to my 39,000 Twitter followers for FREE!

All I need is…

  1. Your URL/Link
  2. 100 CHARACTER Message (No Longer)

    If you cannot follow those simple instructions to the T, then I will not post. Pretty simple :slight_smile:

    No catch, nothing in return. The only stipulation is that you supply 1 & 2 and that you are a Top Rated Seller

    I will check the forum daily to see who wants the love…

    Who’s up?..

    DTong (TRS) (


Nice Offer DTong :slight_smile:

I would love to avail this but currently i have paused my FEATURED GIG.

However if you like you can Tweet my non-featured gig:


I’m seeing a drop in sales since some time so I hope this can help.

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Thanks Dtong.


Not sure if I qualify for the help; but, with the promotion to TRS, I’ve seen a drop in my sales (go figure).

If you want the best, you’ll get the best! Order today!

Thank you for any help you provide Dtong! Great offer… :slight_smile:


Reply to @wingle: Thanks! Please also provide the 100 character message


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Going down the line for you guys. :slight_smile: My featured gig has also dropped in impressions in the past 2 months or so but riding the wave with my other gigs performing well. So while I have the time on my hands, I figure I would help the community of Top Rated Sellers since they didn’t want to give us the 5-year set for a ‘Thanks for Your Dedication’ gift :wink: lol. However, if I ever get to one of those Fiverr Gatherings, I’m gonna take FULL ADVANTAGE of these free drinks I keep hearing about…hahaha!!

Keep em coming people! No two timers either…:slight_smile:


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Reply to @dtongsports:

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Reply to @dtongsports: Thank you so much! :slight_smile: