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FREE Website Monitoring using Google Spreadsheet for $5?


I will share a script that will monitor your website’s uptime and down time. You will see the statistics right from your google spreadsheet which I will be sharing to you.

Monitor as many sites as you want and you may even get a text alert if your website is down for free! Text alert will be sent to your phone number registered on gmail.

All you need to do is add your website and contact email in the sheet and the script will do the rest. If your site is down, you will receive an email to you contact email provided. If sms is on, you will receive a text message from your phone.


Nice…big savings! Goodbye to montly dues… :smiley:


Reply to @versatileexpert: Thanks sweety!


Why is it so cheap and it looks a bit suspicious because of being cheap? I know that good tools can not be cheap. I use all in one monitoring tool Anturis and I pay enough for such a tool. I beleive that good tools cannot be cheap.


Hi Barry,

This is just done thru a google script. This is cheap, because this is automated and google doc will be the one to monitor your website automatically. So why pay me more when I just did the doc?

Remember, the functions of this is just to check the uptime of your site, if the site is down, it will stamp on the doc and will email you to alert you. Other feature is send you text message if you register a number from your google account.

This is the reason why I created this script since other sites are way to high and they have the same feature with mine but offer for a limited time.

Simple code means, cheaper price! Fiverr means cheap gigs, quality service! :slight_smile: