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Free websites to publish press releases


Hi there, guys! I need an advice from you. I urgently need to publish a press releases on several websites! I tried many sites, but wasn’t successful. Do you know any sites where I can publish it for free?


why you want to do it?? like what is the purpose,
than i think i can suggest you some thing


to promote it
actually I just need the active links and thats it.
at least 3 active links to sites where its published…than Dobby will be free!


what do you mean by #### "Dobby will be free"
and what do you mean by active link you have to be little more clear about things, if you can pm me you are welcome, but be quick and straight. I think i can help you in this if you are straight and to the point

make sure you pm with what do you mean by active link and What is purpose, there so many purpose of having a link on news site.
PM me on fiverr so i can improve my response rate lol.


ahahahahah ok wait a minute


Search Google?

I’m sure there must be somebody who sells press release services on Fiverr? :wink:


I dont sale press releases !! and i don’t understand the point of them if you don’t have budget than using direct channel is lot easier and efficient than distributing press releases.


I didn’t say you did. :slightly_smiling_face:

The OP was looking to publish press releases.


that is true “”

But my experience tell me that people who are looking for press realeaes don’t know why they are doing it.

They have different out come in mind.
It is like trying to cook the broccoli and heating the pan and thinking broccoli will come inside and will cook it self.


yeah I know that it is pointless
BUT I need it ASAP!!!