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Free work episode 2: electric boogaloo

Seriously, new sellers. Don’t dedicate even 3 minutes of work from your valuable life time to someone who will most likely not order from you. More so to people who already have several reviews these types of people don’t even bother to check. And yes, this is from a BR.


It’s disrespectful of him to ask you for a job without paying :upside_down_face:. Thank you for showing this to us!


In your entire career you’ll have to turn down people like this, even when you’re starting out. No need to live with regret. It is never worth the possibility of them ordering.


When they answer you that they already asked the same thing to other people they’re either 1. lying to make you feel pressured and make you think “omg I want them to choose me!” 2. just gathering free work that they will use to come up with whatever they need without having to pay anyone for it.

You did good by standing your ground. Honestly most buyer requests I’ve seen so far were so fishy or asked for incredible services for ridiculous prices.


This “buyer” only had one review from someone. And apparently reviewed a few other free work from unfortunate sellers he’ll probably never order from, and possibly get them upset by making them think they aren’t good enough to sell.

Edit: Oh wait, more reviews as buyer. Doesn’t even matter, free work is free work. Aaaaand I got a bonus instead by responding quick. But yes, blocked and duly reported.

This is not always the case, @fibocci.

I still remember when I was hired as the Spanish translator for a published author who has many books on the market.

I was contacted through Inbox asking me if I agreed to translate 250 words for them to test me and decide if I was the translator they were looking for.

I agreed to translate their sample and sent the translation. After a few days, I was hired, from a selection of other sellers, and since then, I’ve been translating the author’s bibliography.

I said, “most likely”. He could have tested you for $5. For artists, this is just a straight-up no. This type of behavior should never be encouraged.


Good for you @fibocci. :tropical_drink: I strongly encourage people to NEVER work for free. We all have bills to pay. Exhausting energy on Bargain Hunters/Cheapskates is a complete waste of time. What these Buyers do is go to multiple Sellers asking for samples to complete their project. It’s lame and tacky, NEVER entertain this nonsense.


Nope, you said “…will most likely not order from you.”. See below.

You need to give context to words. You cannot just simply use the ones you want, taking away the meaning of the sentence.

By saying “will most likely not order from you”, you’re taking for granted that the buyer won’t hire you, and I just proved you that it’s not always the case.

It could happen, yes, but it might as well could not.

Faulty logic will take you nowhere. Well, yes, it will lead you to wrong conclusions.

I don’t see where you’re going with this. It doesn’t matter if it’s not always the case. Free work should never be encouraged in a place like this. Whoever wants to go for it, they’ll face their own consequences.

Nothing about what I said is faulty logic. One case with positive results doesn’t mean it will always happen to everyone.


I have a ghostwriting gig, a full 16 bar verse is $35 with 7 days delivery time (all though I usually deliver within 3 days).

I had a buyer today not only ask for a 24 hr delivery on two verses but they also wanted it at a discount price.

So I’m suppose to drop what I’m doing for an express delivery at a lower pay rate? I’m not going to undervalue myself at this point for anyone.

My reply was, Thank you for reaching out but unfortunately this project is not the right fit for me. Best of luck.

You really can’t please everyone. It might be tempting to see it as another opportunity to make money, but like you said, you’d just be undervaluing yourself.

Personally, I would always try to send a counter-offer underlying why working with me would benefit them and how I can solve their problem better than others, and that’s why paying me the amount I ask is a safe investment. Then if they keep standing their ground I would do as you said. You never know, some buyers just like to negotiate for the sake of it or are simply testing you, but are willing to accept compromises.

My counter offer would have been at least 3 times more than what they were willing to pay. This isn’t a flee market where I’m willing to negotiate prices or delivery times. Too many red flags for my taste.

Negotiation is part of the business imo. Of course it doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself cheap, but giving up immediately without trying is just losing money. Sure, some clients are lost cases from the start, so this doesn’t always apply. Just saying that sometimes negotiation is useful :smile:


I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently from people who’ve “put me on a shortlist.” (Without speaking much to me, without gauging my skills, without even really telling me what their project is.) Then later, when they’ve pared it down, they come back and ask me what I actually do, or “now can I see samples?” when god knows how many other tens of Sellers I’m still “up against.” :woman_facepalming:

Honestly, you dodged a huge bullet. I get that many potential clients in the world may have a competitive process - that’s fine. But Fiverr, when we can’t know if the person behind the screen is legit or not, and there is no guarantee of actually scoring work when you do something on spec first, I 100% agree with you that this isn’t appropriate and shouldn’t be encouraged. :muscle:

Plus, the response was more than enough to reassure you that this guy doesn’t respect you - AT ALL. Like, you literally don’t have to respond that way. :joy: There are 1000 other ways, including, “Thanks for your time.”

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The messages are all probably from the same person who just wants to extract from you.

Yeah, I sensed a passive-aggressive tone right there, which is such a huge red flag. It’s like everything has to go their way.

In this case, they weren’t, as ultimately they had different projects. I didn’t put in too much effort though because I think that if you’d like to work with me, I have to choose your project too.