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Free work? um, no. Need help


I’m not sure if there is anything to be done about this, but here goes.

I provide some fairly detailed illustration services.


I have gotten a few (more than I would like) clients who will request a sample to see the quality of work before they order. This I entirely understand, in fact I might even do the same thing if I am looking for a very important piece.

However, these clients often have a specific image in their head and will rudely request multiple revisions on their free sample before they “will order a gig”. I know that one solution is to simply ignore or move past these troublesome clients however as a new Fiverr initiate who only just obtained level one I cannot afford to be choosy at this time.

My true gripe is this… illustrations such as the ones I produce often go for much more than 5, 10, or even 15 dollars on other freelance markets. Fiverr design services are already barely shy of free in the grand scheme of things so why is it that some buyers try to get high-quality work, through multiple revisions for free? it’s frankly insulting.

I struggle sometimes to keep opinions short, sweet and polite, so I was wondering if anyone (perhaps some seasoned sellers) has had experiences like this/has advice on how to deal with clients such as these. It would be greatly appreciated.



Don’t let your buyers take advantage of you. Draw a line where you see fit.


You can show them the samples on the gig gallery.

Never offer any custom samples. If they want they can order the basic gig and you can deliver what you can do for $5.


As an artist you get hired because of the work in your portfolio, and not because of free samples. That’s what you tell.


Often I request sellers to do something for me simply because I may be about to step out of the house, or am waiting for the next day to receive my payment from Fiverr, so I ask for the work (or at least a sample of it before hand) so that once I order, the work is already done so that I can move on.

However, some sellers do deliver the entire work before I have paid, and that’s scary as some people don’t have good intentions and will not end up paying! I do tell sellers afterwards to NEVER provide free services even if it’s just to “see what your work is like” because more often then not, a buyer will not pay.

Simply reply with something like,

"Hello! :slight_smile: I understand that you would like me to modify the sample I had provided, however I am unable to provide any more changes unless the gig has been purchased. This is simply due to security reasons, and it will also ensure your order is delivered on time through the gig’s counter! Kindly find the gig posted on my profile [or provide a link]. Thank you :-)"

I believe the addition of smiley faces made it nice, and it was also very customer-oriented and in a nice tone.

Hope this helped!