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how can i be on the list for giving my gigs for free to new members

First make some gigs, then sell them. That’s a better idea.

I don’t know of any way to give away free gigs. Occasionally Fiverr does promos related to gig giveaways but those are very limited, I don’t know of a way to volunteer for them, and they often don’t work well for buyers or sellers. @misscrystal is right that just offering some really good deals for $5 and selling gigs is a much better way to get rolling.

I think this would be a great idea for an added feature; perhaps in the same way that Fiverr® Anywhere works… where a seller can create a “free” voucher for a Gig™ either for a limited time frame, or to a specific buyer account. I occasionally offer free services to buyers when they purchase a large project, or if a Gig™ ends in a mutual agreement but a future order might work. Currently these pro bono offers are done through existing orders, or the message system. It’d be great if it could track as a $0 Gig™ so it would count towards my metrics and ratings.

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