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Freedom of speech thread was deleted. Haha

Okay, ban me for nothing. Delete my accounts, i’m really tired of this.
I did nothing wrong.


Hi your post was hidden due to community flags, one of moderators have reached to you on your PM & explained in details. Thank your for patience.


There are even more who are troubled by the automated system. Good luck.

You are lucky that you even got a reply.

“Troubled by the system” is a wrong word here.
You don’t get to break rules and then say that you have a freedom speech. The same as you don’t get to rob a store, then get caught by police and tell them that they have no right to arrest you because you have your constitutional right for freedom of movement :woman_shrugging:


Is there something that went down in that post that deserved flagging?

It was your usual “my gigs disappeared from the search” post if I remember correctly. Plus, some screenshots of the search results. It’s not because you can’t ask others for screenshots, is it?

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Yep. Freedom of speech refers to the freedom to speak your mind without the government hurting you or stifling you. It has nothing to do with the activity of private companies and doesn’t mean you get to break their terms of use.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences. It doesn’t entitle you to break the terms of a contract you agree to.