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I am Joanna, an illustrator with a passion for traditional artwork. I offer many artistic services, and can illustrate detailed works of art for a low price. Please check out my illustration and caricature services below!
You may also message me for a custom artwork offer, or contracted work.



Thank you for reading!


Welcome aboard…

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Thank you very much!

Welcome to Fiverr. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:

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Thank you lloyd! Best wishes to you as well. :slight_smile:

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A new deal: Caricatures of you or a loved one! Couples always welcome.

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Not sure that you should be “nudging!”

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Hm, there was nothing against it in any of the rules on this forum. Typically forums let you once per day, especially on ones that avoid repeat posts.

I’ll go check again, thanks lloyd!

Nice gigs and nice cat :smile_cat:

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Thank you! He is my pride and joy.

I just checked it, and found this: About Bumping
2-3 times per week, advertising a special or service. :slight_smile:

Just saw that but it says not to use the word “bump” or "nudge " I suppose … but to find a more subtle way.

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Like your “subtle” way! :slight_smile:

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xD well, I had added a new gig yesterday for it. It is really annoying to see a thread that is just one person saying ‘bump…’ over and over. Thanks for helping me achieve success :wink:

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Just an update: I added a new gig specifically for children’s illustrations!

If you have a book, or want to give a gift to your young one, this is the gig for you.
-24 hour full illustration
-only 5 dollars

Thanks for considering my services!

I would order but I do not want to have it shipped to me. You’re shipping prices are too high, even if your art is good. Do you do other painting types besides watercolor? Watercolor is what I would want but I am curious.

I do not require having the artwork shipped, and they are high because I am not only taking care with packaging, but also handing over the original illustration. Art that is original is very valued.

As for painting, right now I only do watercolor. I used to do acrylic and oil, but since I got cats I didn’t want to have many messes made.

Thank you for considering!

It won’t let me order without paying for shipping and giving an address. I want to order a watercolor painting of my friend. Can you do this?

That is odd, I just disabled shipping so maybe it will work now? You can message me about your order if it is still glitching, and I can make it a custom order. Thank you again!

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You fixed it. I’ll order now thanks.

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