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Freelance Site Fiverr Offers Illegal Private Spying Services

I just found about this and pretty shocked that these things happens on this platform and there is a market for it.

Good thing, Fiverr took some action against the illegal services.

To be honest, I see this as a bit of a non-story. Firstly, being a private investigator or hiring a PI is not illegal. That profession is often filled with former law enforcement, military, and intelligence service types.

As for the spyware, pretty much anything these days is spyware. The same software used to track a spouse and check their email and social media accounts, is used by parents to track children and many businesses to track the activity of their employees.

Of course, selling software saying it is for tracking your spouse is alarming. However, some of these same sellers could sell exactly the same software as child protection and business productivity tools. Magazines like Motherboard would then be cawing about how cool it is that you can buy such services on Fiverr.

Fun fact, the facial recognition software used by the latest iPhone models, is exactly what you need to scan a face to create a deep fake video. That’s a hack nightmare waiting to happen.

Physically bugging a car is a bit too far. However, I sense that Motherboard has had a slow news day and purposefully looked to Fiverr to find a story. We all know that Fiverr definitely does not condone or even allow some of the services described. My guess would be that these gigs would have been taken down at some point.

Do you work at Fiverr? Do you know anything else about how technology is being used to abuse? We’d love to hear from you. Using a non-work phone or computer, you can contact Joseph Cox securely on Signal on

On the upside, at least we know where to turn with complaints about the search algorithm and St. Levels headaches. :slight_smile: I’m sure that a piece exposing the pressure and anxiety of freelancing caused by AI would go down quite well. :wink:


Shocked…Thanks for the link…

Most attorneys employ these dirty tactics by using shady third party PI’s .
I bet these gigs would have been lucrative.


A quick search revealed this gig:

Will Install Spy App On Your Android Device

There are also plenty of private investigator gigs of all types.

Private Investigator - Surveillance, Insurance Claims, Child Custody, Infidelity (Cheating Spouses/Boyfriend/Girlfriend), GPS Tracking, Background Checks (Pre-Employment, Tenant Screenings, etc), Asset and Missing Persons, Locates.

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Yeah. Those are pretty common these days :woman_shrugging: