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Freelance work can be rewarding with repeat clients on Fiverr

I have been on fiverr for about two years now. I do voiceover work as well as video spokesperson gigs for websites. I have seen some slow days and the busy ones as well. What I can say is I love it when I get repeat clients who were satisfied with my work enough to return and order again.

I choose to work overnight while everyone in my house is asleep to get most of my gigs done. This time of the day works best for me because I have less interruptions and I do not have to think about what needs to be done throughout the day. My mind stays focused on what the client needs so I don’t miss a thing.

What I have noticed is with the new feature on fiverr that lets you create drop down menus of questions to let the buyer fill in the blanks ahead of time. At first I did not utilize it but after a while I decided to give it a try. To my amazement people began to fill it out and it made my work flow smoother and quicker without the back and forth as Fiverr says. I encourage everyone to use it.

When the same clients began to return I saw the need to create folders so that I knew who I previously worked with and I also titled each folder as such: VOICEOVER, VIDEO GIGS, GREEN SCREEN; and of course inside each folder was the client’s screen or username. When work did slow down it made it easy for me to touch base with them to see if they needed anything done or I could also contact them to make them aware of any promotions I had going on.

One of the coolest things I found by creating folders is when I needed to create a video demo of my work for youtube it came in handy because the video clients had the word VIDEO next to it and or voiceover.

I will create other blogs and short story tips here but just wanted to quickly share a few experiences I have had on Fiverr. If you have any fiverr related questions feel free to contact me. Also you can check out my voiceover and video gig here if you are in need of my services.