Freelancers - Do you feel stressed?


I’ve a question for full time freelancers. I’m currently a full time freelancer and do stuff here and there. From few days I’m getting dry eyes and I think I’m turned into a short tempered and confused person.

Sometimes after working for hours on laptop, I feel a little dizzy and confused about stuff. I also feel clueless on what’s going on around me and feel a little stress?

Does it happen with other freelancers? Do you guys feel stressed and clueless?


Imagine how it is after 9 years of freelancing :wink: Actually, wait, you get used to all that over the years, and you don’t see it this stressful anymore, especially if you know or learn how to manage your time and orders to prevent yourself from losing your mind :wink: But yeah, I’ve also become a short tempered person myself due to many of my past buyers who did everything in their power to take advantage of me or put me down.

Feeling stressed or clueless? Enter the Forum - we’ve been expecting you!


Try to fit in enough breaks, relax your eyes by looking into the distance, focusing on things in different distances, if at all possible go for short walks, spend enough time away from all screens (including phone :wink: )… Easier said than done, but try.


Yes, completely agree - turn off all screens! I always do that when I’m fed up with/about something, and then quickly grab a pencil and paper and do my thing. I love the smell of a wooden pencil, how it feels holding it (brings back childhood memories)

Pitty how almost everything requires a screen nowadays… in the future we’ll be having displays instead of eyes ("Darling, what made you fall in love with me? Your blue-tinted display! :sunglasses: ")


I am working from 9 years on different platform I feel all your type of things but I am set now


Only feel stressed and clueless if not getting daily orders :cry:


I think it’s stressful when your job depends on how many orders you get and how fast you can fill them. Salaried jobs sound really boring to me in a lot of ways, but I think the security of an income you can count on is one thing that would be nice about it.

Sometimes I get blurry vision and a headache after long days-- like the occasional 11 hour days of solid work-- but it’s not as bad as it was when I was starting out. I think it helped to turn down my screen resolution, drink a lot of water, and stand while working when possible. Remember to take breaks! Studies show that frequent, short breaks can help with productivity and mood.


I always feel like I’ve been hit by a bus after a really long design session. Apart from migraines and face pain, eye pain…back pain. Just pain in general :expressionless:. So in a literal sense, I personally experience a lot of physical stress to begin with. I also agree with this [quote=“brejay, post:7, topic:155899”]
I think it’s stressful when your job depends on how many orders you get and how fast you can fill them.
[/quote] especially when a viable percentage of your income relies on it.

As for being short tempered it’s been the complete opposite for me…where I’ve built up an incredibly delayed tolerance for- everything really. It’s somewhat retarded sometimes but hey…we’ve all got quirks right?


Hell yea I mean I am stressed all the time especially when someone order something and you know I wanna made my customer satisfied and to get money thats why we all are here.


Nah. I am just peachy.


Do I detect a note of sarcasm?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I see 77 orders in your queue. Soon you will be rich.


Hello emma! Always a pleasure.:eggplant: I don’t see a pepper so the eggplant will have to do.


I don’t know how to put them off ordering. The cancellations ain’t doing the trick. The second I unpause my gig to allow a regular customer order, I get 5-6 new orders. It is whacky.

7/10 people who have ordered this week and had it delivered have reordered. Like damn.

I am treating myself to a McDonalds at the end of this.


Yes, but only when I am running out of orders :wink:



Have you given the limit orders feature a try? That should do the trick of limiting orders :stuck_out_tongue: I never got to use it…

And if you want to put them off ordering in a more… organic way, bump up your prices - that’d be the first thing I’d do if I got such a queue!


Raise your prices.

McDonalds? You could probably afford something even better!


Sadly, nope. McDonalds it is. I had to put higher paying clients on the backburner. I am actually making about 25% less doing this Fiverr work.


Wow, that’s not a good business model. :frowning:


Nope. But can’t do much. i cancel these orders, my cancellation rate shoots up. I don’t get a Fiverr order again. Fiverr is used to ‘top up’ my income. While I could probably survive without Fiverr, it is nice to have it coming in on ‘off days’.


Step it up and head over to Chipotle or something :joy: